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Bar Media – If it’s GoGORILLA, it’s Got2b Cool

GoGORILLA and Got2B Join Forces for Original, Racy GoCARDS and GoCOASTERS

The goal of this GoCARD and GoCOASTER campaign was to promote Got2b Magnetik products in four markets. The postcards were distributed to all GoCARD venues in Boston, Los Angeles, New York and South Florida and achieved a 93% Take Rate. The coasters were distributed to bars and restaurants in the same markets and were adored by both owners and patrons!

Postcard Advertising – Go West Side, New Yorkers

City Fair Promoted via GoCARDS

Riverside Park’s West Side County Fair is a vibrant community event, and when its organizers wanted the right medium to publicize it’s 5th annual incarnation this year, they chose GoCARDS. The cards were distributed to all GoCARD venues in New York City, letting thousands of residents and tourists know about the fair.

Bar Media – Stewie and Friends Seen in Bars

CW Shows Use GoGORILLA Bar Media in Advance of New Season

The CW’s Popular Shows Family Guy and Two and a Half Men were heading into a new season, and Denver’s Newtork Affiliate got the word out using a 1-2-3 combination of GoCARDS, GoCOASTERS, and visually stunning 4-Color GoNAPKINS. The Media were distributed to over 40 venues in Denver and generated lots of buzz and interest.

Postcard Advertising – DubSpot’s the Spot

Innovative DJ School Chooses GoCARDS

DubSpot, New York’s first exclusive DJ school, chose the wide spread and hip demographics of GoCARD distribution to get the word out about its unique cutting and scratching classes this summer. The cards featured an iconic logo of a chimp in headphones and were hugely popular among the thousands of iPod DJs roaming around the city who can learn the real skillz at DubSpot.

Postcard Advertising – Pick Up the Silverun Pickups

Dangerbird Records Employs GoCARD in San Francisco

To promote the innovative band Silversun Pickups (as heard on Live 105 in San Francisco), Dangerbird opted for GoCARD’s unique ability to instantly reach hundreds of hip venues. GoCARDS promoting bands and concerts act as mass-distributed fliers and are consistently among the most popular in our displays.

Postcard Advertising – Comcast Goes Back To School

GoCARDS Make Huge Impact for Cable Provider

Comcast sought to promote its internet, phone, and cable services to a college target throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. GoGORILLA Media used both our GoCARD Display Network and Custom Distribution to place Comcast postcards in locations where students would find them, both on-campus and off. Postcards were distributed to over 20 Colleges and Universities and Comcast achieved a huge response from each.

Postcard Advertising – Take a GoCARD and Make it in Scrubs

Recruitment Website Postcards on West Coast

The goal of this GoCARD campaign was to promote healthcare recruitment website makeitinscrubs.com. The cards were distributed to our GoCARD Network of venues in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. With a take rate of 90 percent, this campaign was a huge success!

Postcard Advertising – Take One, Be a Chocoiste

Godiva on the Go with GoCARDS

To promote Godiva’s Chocoiste and Godiva Boutiques in New York, GoCARD proved the perfectly portable medium. The cards were distributed to all GoCARD venues in New York and featured a fashionable woman in a trench coat getting her chocolate fix on the run. Godiva’s GoCARDS experienced enormous take-rates thanks to New Yorkers who know what it’s like to need a quick choco-fix.

Postcard Advertising – GoGUGGENHEIM!

Museum Uses GoCARDS for New Hours & Exhibits

The goal of this GoCARD campaign was to promote Guggenheim Museum’s Art After Dark evening hours and the dynamic Shapes of Space exhibit. The cards were distributed to all GoCARD venues in New York City and the Hamptons, targeting an art-savvy public and promoting New York’s favorite museum.

Postcard Advertising – GoCARDS Go Indie-Rock

HBO’s Flight of the Conchords Postcards in 5 Markets

Flight of the Conchords, an original HBO series, took advantage of GoCARD to reach a hip, indie-rock crowd similar to that portrayed on the show. Our network of displays in various hip bars, music venues and record stores was a perfect solution to this goal, and the cards were distributed to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco.