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Old Navy Gives Away 1 Million Dollars To Lucky Shopper

What better way to ring in the holiday spirit than giving one lucky shopper $1 Million dollars on Black Friday? Using one of GoGORILLA Media’s most unique strategies, advertising on dollar bills, Old Navy successfully raised awareness for their huge giveaway. For the Old Navy GoMONEY effort, GoGORILLA put into circulation a total of 210,000 $1 bills, each bill featuring a circular sticker advertising the sweepstakes with the abbreviated sweepstakes rules on the back. The bills could be found in15 major market across the United States including Phoenix, Miami, Seattle, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, New York, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC and San Francisco. The GoMONEY was distributed to a variety of venue types including cafés, food trucks, ice cream shops, restaurants and of course Old Navy’s. Venues were thrilled to participate in the program and to give their customers the opportunity to become a millionaire. Patrons who received the branded dollar bills had lots of positive feedback and loved the clever marketing tactic. Many shoppers vowed to try to be among the first 500 in line at Old Navy on Thanksgiving Day at 7:00pm to have a chance to win the big prize. Hundreds of thousands of impressions were generated throughout the 15 markets and noteworthy buzz could be found on several social media outlets.

These Ads Go Great On Cleavage

Advertising on hanger covers may not be new, but GoGORILLA is reinventing the medium with full color ads and ample space to get creative with your ad. They can be used for any brand and can target consumers by zip code and household income specifically. GoGORILLA can reach dry cleaners nationwide, which makes hanger covers ideal not only for local but also for national promotions. Imagine the massive impact a clever creative can have for your brand once people share pictures of it on social media sites. Encourage consumers to share photos of themselves holding up the hanger cover against their chest for a chance to win a prize or simply because they loved your idea enough to share it with the world. Include hashtags and calls to action to maximize exposure for your ads. By incorporating cut-out coupons into your ads, you can make your campaign trackable and generate online and in-store sales.

Advertising That’s Right On The Money

GoGORILLA Media presents an advertising medium that is still largely untouched, but visible to consumers everyday – money! Our GoMONEY campaigns have proven to be an effective tactic for dozens of our clients from banks to TV Networks to pharmacies. National Geographic Channel took GoMONEY to a whole new level to promote the release of their docudrama, “Killing Lincoln,” which premiered on February 17th, 2013. While a typical GoMONEY campaign uses $1 bills, National Geographic opted to use $5 bills featuring a small, removable decal covering Abraham Lincoln at the center of the bill. The decal blended in seamlessly with the Lincoln image on the $5 bills. Two weeks prior to the premiere, $40,000 worth of the branded fives began circulating throughout the busiest neighborhoods of Manhattan. To get the bills into circulation and hence into the hands of New Yorkers, GoGORILLA distributed $1,000 worth of fives to 40 cash-heavy venues including food trucks, cabs, delis, restaurants and bars. And the circulation didn’t stop there. Once consumers used the fives to pay at other venues in other neighborhoods, the money was transferred to someone else to generate additional impressions. The “Killing Lincoln” GoMONEY campaign was an instant conversation starter and created a great deal of buzz for the docudrama’s premiere.

Santa Monica Pier announces Twilight Concerts via GoMONEY

Santa Monica Pier 1

Targeting hip and popular venues frequented by the “influencer” crowd in the Santa Monica, Venice, West LA and Culver/Mar Vista areas, GoGORILLA Media put 10,000 branded dollar bills into circulation at venues such as restaurants, bars and cafes. A creative decal of the pier with a twilight effect was affixed in the center with the words “Twilight Concerts at the Pier”, “Free all summer (this is why you live here)”, along with a URL directing people to the TwilightSeries.org website for more information. Patrons of the participating businesses were surprised to see the concerts advertised in such a unique way and said they will be sure to go check out the concerts now that they have such a cool reminder. The branded GoMONEY generated thousands of impressions and created quite a buzz within the pier’s beach community and surrounding areas. Reactions ranged from “I haven’t gone to the concerts at the pier yet, but I’ve been meaning to and definitely will now!” to “It’s really great what they’ve done with the pier lately. Events like these at the pier are a big draw of living here!”

Custom Coasters Help Women Say “I Do”

Men typically don’t know their girlfriend’s ring size. So Texas jewelry store Bailey Banks & Biddle came up with a fun campaign to make a man’s life easier. GoGORILLA Media approached 40 popular bars, restaurants and lounges in Little Rock, AR and Austin, TX to distribute 100,000 custom coasters that helped patrons find out their ring sizes on the spot. The creative design allowed women to place their ring finger through different sized holes that corresponded with their accurate ring size. Men and women alike took the coasters home to show to their loved ones and friends. A compelling tagline, reading “Come on, he’s not a mind reader, let him know your ring size, and leave the rest to us!”, created tons of chatter among patrons and thousands of impressions for the jewelry store.

VIP Invitations in Taxi Cabs Surprise New Yorkers

Taxi cab riders found a special invitation for the launch event of Donna Karan’s new fragrance DKNY in the back of their cabs this past week.

A Bleeding Handprint To Promote Horror Flick

A bloody hand print greeted customers and tattoo parlors and comic stores in New York City to promote

River City Casino Announces Grand Opening with GoMONEY

River City Casino 1

To promote River City Casino’s grand opening, GoGORILLA distributed GoMONEY, GoZARFs, GoCOASTERS, and GoPINTGLASSES over the course of three months. On February 1st, 2010 GoGORILLA Media started the first wave of distribution of bar media, with 10,000 River City Casino branded $1 bills distributed in South County along with 30,000 GoCOASTER and 960 pint glasses. In addition, each month 10 venues in St. Louis have each received 1,200 coffee sleeves promoting River City Casino.

Look how cute!! – Sweeter Than Sweet NY Lotto Coasters

You know that a Bar Media campaign is successful, when patrons try to smuggle the coasters out of the bar to take them home.

Supercuts Gives out Coupons on Coffee Sleeves and Postcards

To promote Supercuts hair salons in New York City, GoGORILLA distributed a total of 60,000 postcards and 26,000 coffee sleeves within a one-mile radius of Supercuts locations. The postcards and coffee sleeves featured a discount coupon and encouraged New Yorkers to come in for a hair cut and to “make a change for the hotter.” Postcards and coffee sleeves are great media for coupons, since they can easily be pocketed and redeemed in the nearest store. The Supercuts cards and sleeves reminded consumers that it’s time to get a new haircut while they were right around the corner from the next salon location, often resulting in instant redemption.