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Interactive Video Truck Collects Donations To Build Green Homes

“What would you do with 30% energy savings?” – Schneider Electric posed this question to the general public with an interactive video truck, encouraging passersby to text or tweet their answers to the question. With each response, Schneider Electric donated $1 to Habitat for Humanity. Over the 4 days in each city, on 5/22, 5/23, 5/29 and 5/30 in Washington D.C. and on 6/5, 6/6, 6/12 and 6/13 and Dallas, the truck was parked outside busy restaurants and shopping plazas. In addition, GoMONEY, a unique marketing strategy using branded dollar bills, was deployed to create awareness for Schneider Electric’s campaign. Targeting venues along the video truck routes, 10,000 branded dollar bills were placed into circulation in each market at venues such as food trucks, restaurants, bars, and cafes. A decal was affixed in the center of the bills with the words, “Xperience Efficiency 2013,” asking consumers to visit a Schneider web page and to use the custom hashtag #SchneiderXE. As a result, the video truck and GoMONEY were a huge hit both in Washington D.C. and Dallas with thousands of impressions generated each day and donations made to benefit a great cause.

This Is How We Shake!

GoGorilla Media’s 2011 Video Reel

GoGorilla Media had lots of fun planning and executing these and many other exciting campaigns.

Global Asus Advertising Effort Uses Projections, QR Codes and Art

Asus chose GoGorilla Media to be their US partner in their global advertising N5 laptop promotion titled “In Search of Incredible.”

Add Free Custom Tags To Your Campaign

GoGORILLA is now offering advertisers to create and include Microsoft Tags in their artwork free of charge. Tags can be added to any campaign featuring printed media such as postcards, coffee sleeves, placemats, etc.

Interactive Projection Reacts to Text-In Donations

Over the course of three nights in March, GoGORILLA Media executed an interactive GoPROJECTION on behalf of Pathways To Housing, a non-profit organization fighting homelessness. Passersby were urged to text in to help the homeless with their donations. Their text message then activated the projection and altered the video feed: The virtual homeless man, who was quivering on the floor until a text message is received, gets up and enters the house through a virtual door.

Mobile Beach Bash – RateYourAbs.com

GoGORILLA Set Out to Find the Hottest Beach Bodies of the Nation

GoGORILLA’s team sure had a fun Summer when they traveled across the country with the Mobile Beach Bash, a Summer beach tour sponsored by the good people at Twinlab as part of the RateYourAbs.com competition. We traveled to the hottest beaches of the US all Summer long bringing you Twinlab product samples, T-shirts, tattoos and hot models to take pictures of your hot abs and to enter you into our online competition.

Viral Marketing – Spreading The Word Like A Virus

Breaking Through the Clutter

Advertising today is a lot different than it was a few years ago. With the rise of social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, and more people online, marketers have had to find new ways to meet their target audience. GoGORILLA Media is the one-stop-shop for all kinds of alternative advertising. We use all sorts of techniques including sidewalk advertising, live interactive street teams and brand ambassadors, and reverse and clean graffiti. We use non-traditional media and promotion to help you reach your target market.

Going Viral is Key!

Some of our most successful campaigns use a combination of viral marketing and guerilla marketing, placed in the heart of major cities. These stunts reach the initial consumers on the street and then spread across the Internet through social media. Many of these out of home advertising stunts even make it into traditional media outlets.

Flash Mobs and Fake Protests Make Lasting Impressions

One example of guerilla and viral marketing is the flash mob or mock protest. Street teams converge on a specific street or shopping area and do a coordinated stunt such as a dance or chant. They may also use other media such as reverse graffiti or clean graffiti to lead to the event, or incorporate costumes or props to tie into the message. These are always fun and entertaining, and catch the audience off guard. One popular technique is the Tease and Reveal campaign, where the message comes out in brief words or messages over several days, capturing the interests of people and inspiring online discussions. Everyone is paying attention when the full message is finally revealed.

Reaching Millions on YouTube

GoHUNT – Verizon Storm Chaser

A fierce Storm is coming to New York City!

From Smartphone manufacturer Blackberry, the new Storm is a revolutionary clickable touchscreen Smartphone that will leave the iPhone in the dust! To launch the Storm and introduce it to an early-adopter/trendsetting audience, Blackberry approached GoGorilla Media to arrange partnerships with 35 of the trendiest shops in New York by placing Blackberry displays in the showrooms – afterall, where else are you going to find the trendiest of trendsetters but New York City! GoGorilla then deployed Blackberry’s fun scavenger hunt throughout the stores — a contest that lasted for 10 days and drove thousands of people to visit the stores and enter secret codes for a chance to win a variety of prizes inlcuding the Storm itself.

Fox News: Alan Wolan interviewed about Guerrilla Marketing


GoGORILLA Media’s President, Alan Wolan, shares three tips for ramping up the visibility of your business.