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The Jim Gaffigan Show Premiere Promotions in Times Square

Jim Gaffigan 1

GoGORILLA Media took to the streets of Times Square to promote The Jim Gaffigan show throughout July 2015 leading up to the premiere. Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, one GoMASCOT and one mascot handler roamed Times Square, handing out cards with social media hashtags and encouraging fans to post a photo with Big Jim. On July 15th, GoGORILLA activated 20 enthusiastic and engaging GoMODELS to hand out 2,500 branded sunscreens and remind people to tune in to show’s premiere on TV Land that night. These “Stay Pale” collector’s items were widely coveted by Jim Gaffigan fans, who were eager to post photos to social media and be retweeted by Jim himself. The result was thousands of impressions, including many die hard fans who were thrilled to learn about the upcoming show and get a photo with their comedy idol!

Sports Illustrated GoMODELS at the USWNT Ticker Tape Parade

Sports Illustrated USWNT Parade 1
GoGORILLA Media took to the streets of NYC to promote Sports Illustrated’s new celebration covers at the US Women’s Soccer Team parade in New York City on July 10th, 2015. GoGORILLA activated 16 athletic and outgoing GoMODELS to hand out 6,000 cover image posters and 10,000 postcards of the upcoming issue. These collector’s items were widely coveted by parade attendees and soccer fans, who were eager to pose with the team for photos and videos while holding up the SI cover and chanting “USA! USA!” to celebrate the win.

Bartenura enlists GoGORILLA to spread the love with blue roses!

On February 12th & 13th, GoGORILLA Media and Bartenura Moscato hit the streets of NY with thousands of blue roses to bring some love to the people of NY and thank them for making Bartenura Moscato the #1 selling Italian Moscato! ‪#‎HelloBluetiful‬

Press: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwfood-wine/article/Bartenura-Moscato-delivers-thousands-of-blue-roses-to-unsuspecting-New-Yorkers-20150213


McDonald’s Partners With GoGORILLA On Apple-Themed Stunt

McDonalds iPhone 6 stunt

To celebrate the iPhone 6 release and to generate awareness for Apple Pay technology at McDonald’s restaurants, a team of 12 GoModels surprised the large crowds of techies waiting to purchase the iPhone 6 by distributing over 2,000 samples of apple pies and apple slices, 100 car chargers, 100 red sunglasses and 20 McDonald tote bags. The hungry consumers were delighted and thankful to receive the free apple-themed gifts after camping out overnight in front of Apple Store on 5th Avenue. Our GoModels happily engaged with people in line, stamping smiles on their faces during their final approach towards purchasing the iPhone 6. With well over 10,000 first-hand impressions, McDonald’s presence was firmly established and felt across NYC, garnering attention from news crews and passersby alike. Media outlets such as USA Today and Mashable.com produced articles about the cross-promotion, further amplifying the successful activation and exposing the promotion to readers nationwide.

USA Today usat.ly/1saK8vy
Mashable http://mashable.com/2014/09/19/iphone-6-launch-day-nyc/

Moving Projection Creates Excitement for 2014 Winter Olympics

Bostonians got a surprise preview of the 2014 Winter Olympics when a giant ice skater suddenly appeared on Boston walls, gliding along buildings in bustling streets and impressing the crowds with pirouettes. For 5 nights in January, the city lit up with a moving projection of a figure skater twirling, leaping and landing, stopping passersby in their tracks to watch and take videos of the breathtaking stunt. The moving video projection was announcing the Boston dates of the “Road to Sochi Tour,” the United States Olympic Committee’s nationwide tour to promote the 2014 Winter Olympics in 13 cities in the US. Boston residents and visitors were encouraged to take to their social media sites and use the hashtag #TeamUSA to help create excitement for the tour and for the US Olympic Team, with many sharing videos of the projection online for the rest of the world to see.

Giant Lost Dogs Announce New Google Helpouts Service

Huge lost dog posters tempted New York and San Francisco residents to tear off tabs and to find out more about the new Google Helpouts. This brand new Google service connects people who need help with people who can help them via live video hangouts. GoGORILLA Media placed over 3,000 lost dog posters all over high traffic neighborhoods in both markets this past holiday season. The lost dog medium lent itself perfectly to the advertised services, which include everything from guitar and cooking lessons to I.T. help. The lost dogs came in 3 different sizes from mini to extra large. All posters were outfitted with tear-off tabs for people to take home. GoGORILLA stationed a supervisor with the large sized posters to capture the reaction of passersby. People loved the giant posters and took photos to post on their social media sites, further spreading the word about Google Helpouts. Each poster received thousands of impressions and left consumers excited to try the new service.

What The French Fry?

“WTFF?” is what pedestrians in NYC, Chicago and LA thought when they saw hash tags with the same letters stenciled onto sidewalks. The stencils were part of a big Burger King stunt to promote their new lower-calorie french fries. GoGORILLA Media set out and placed a total of 241 bright yellow chalk stencils as well as 80 Waterstencils™ in an effort to capture the attention of passersby on the busiest streets and neighborhoods. Intrigued to find out what #WTFF stands for, consumers posted photos of the stencils with the hash tag on social media sites and eventually found out that Burger King’s message “What The French Fry” advertised their new low-calorie fries. Hence this creative campaign resulted in thousands of impressions per day on the streets and online.

Projection Announces Return of Robert Langdon in NYC

A bright building projection announced the release of Dan Brown’s new novel “Inferno,” the fourth book in the popular Robert Langdon series in New York City this May. Lincoln Center visitors and Upper West Siders could not help but notice the “burning” letters promoting the new title on various walls Uptown. Simultaneously, an event for Dan Browns enthusiasts,

New York City Ballet Fascinates With Large Scale Projection Art

In collaboration with DDB and Brooklyn artist duo FAILE, New York City Ballet promoted their 2013 Art Series with a one-of-a-kind outdoor spectacle. Featuring images of the New York City Ballet and FAILE’s art, the visually stunning creative was projected onto buildings in in the hottest and trendiest areas of the Lower East Side and Williamsburg. The projections captured the attention of New Yorkers and created hype around the limited performances in February and May.

The New York City Ballet has worked with leading and emerging artists throughout the company’s history including luminaries like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Julian Schnabel. The tradition continues in 2013 with FAILE whose installation “Les Ballets de Faile,” includes a 40′ tower sculpture. The partnership with FAILE was meant to add an edgy, young touch to the performance and, at $29 per ticket, attracted a younger audience of students and young professionals.

New York and LA Gets “Quizzed In The Face”

This winter GoGORILLA street artists headed out to place over 80 bright yellow chalk stencils for Billy Eichner’s show, “Billy on the Street” on Fuse TV throughout New York City and Los Angeles. Stencils with the message