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The Jim Gaffigan Show Premiere Promotions in Times Square

Jim Gaffigan 1

GoGORILLA Media took to the streets of Times Square to promote The Jim Gaffigan show throughout July 2015 leading up to the premiere. Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, one GoMASCOT and one mascot handler roamed Times Square, handing out cards with social media hashtags and encouraging fans to post a photo with Big Jim. On July 15th, GoGORILLA activated 20 enthusiastic and engaging GoMODELS to hand out 2,500 branded sunscreens and remind people to tune in to show’s premiere on TV Land that night. These “Stay Pale” collector’s items were widely coveted by Jim Gaffigan fans, who were eager to post photos to social media and be retweeted by Jim himself. The result was thousands of impressions, including many die hard fans who were thrilled to learn about the upcoming show and get a photo with their comedy idol!

Sports Illustrated GoMODELS at the USWNT Ticker Tape Parade

Sports Illustrated USWNT Parade 1
GoGORILLA Media took to the streets of NYC to promote Sports Illustrated’s new celebration covers at the US Women’s Soccer Team parade in New York City on July 10th, 2015. GoGORILLA activated 16 athletic and outgoing GoMODELS to hand out 6,000 cover image posters and 10,000 postcards of the upcoming issue. These collector’s items were widely coveted by parade attendees and soccer fans, who were eager to pose with the team for photos and videos while holding up the SI cover and chanting “USA! USA!” to celebrate the win.

BBQ Sauce Sampling at Ribfest Chicago 2015

To kick off the summer grilling season, Midwest Living and Stubbs BBQ Sauce partnered with GoGORILLA Media to sample bbq sauces and distribute free copies of the magazine at their sponsor booth during Ribfest Chicago. On June 13th-14th, 2015, GoGORILLA provided a catering team to grill delicious sausages and serve samples of 10 different Stubbs BBQ sauces, as well as a representative to distribute 500 Midwest Living magazines and photograph the event. Each day 1,000-1,400 sausage samples and over 2,500 sauce samples were served to hungry festival attendees.

Galactic Hot Dogs Giveaway at BEA Book Expo 2015

Galactic HotDogs 1

On Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st, 2015, a team of 5 GoGORILLA models brought the childrens’ book “Galactic Hot Dogs” to life for the visitors at BEA & BookCon. Two of GoMODELS wore hot dog costumes and all were outfitted with branded hats as thousands of literary enthusiasts gathered at the Jacob Javits Center for the BEA Expo. After running out of the limited number of free copies of the book handed out each day, the team also handed out branded bookmarks and hot dog shaped stress balls while posing for tons of photos with excited fans! As an extra special treat on Sunday, following with the “flying food truck” theme, a hot dog cart was brought in to serve tasty hot dogs to hundreds of hungry readers at the booth. While the long line wrapped around the booth and then some, no one minded waiting for a bite of the galactic hot dogs!

Bartenura enlists GoGORILLA to spread the love with blue roses!

On February 12th & 13th, GoGORILLA Media and Bartenura Moscato hit the streets of NY with thousands of blue roses to bring some love to the people of NY and thank them for making Bartenura Moscato the #1 selling Italian Moscato! ‪#‎HelloBluetiful‬

Press: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwfood-wine/article/Bartenura-Moscato-delivers-thousands-of-blue-roses-to-unsuspecting-New-Yorkers-20150213


Kalahari Resorts #WorldsCoolestIndoorWaterparks by GoGORILLA Media

Throughout June and July, GoGORILLA Safari Adventurers along with our costumed characters Kenya, Kya, Benny and Lou have welcomed attendees of several large scale events across the Northeast to Camp Kalahari. Families and spectators of all ages have been captivated by our footprint! Using the hashtag #worldscoolestindoorwaterparks, passersby with Instagram and Twitter accounts were able to post photos from the event and have them simultaneously printed on location. Generating social media awareness as well as creating thousands of personal impressions, GoGORILLA ensured that Kalahari’s brand was felt across all mediums. Residents of the Pocanos, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Baltimore are now well aware of Kalahari’s June 2015 opening date and the GoGORILLA team is looking forward making an impact on guests at our next stop at The 32nd Annual QuickChek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning!

Coca-Cola Gives Back on Thanksgiving Day

Coca-Cola and Old Navy partnered up to spread holiday cheer this past Thanksgiving by handing out free Coke samples to shoppers. Events took place outside of Old Navy Stores across the country, including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. The GoGORILLA sampling teams reached thousands of shoppers who came out on Turkey Day to take advantage of early Black Friday deals. The teams were also outfitted with iPads that included a special photo app, allowing them to take photos of consumers with a branded Coca-Cola and Old Navy photo frame. Shoppers were asked to enter their email address in order to receive the photo via email and to share the photo on their social media outlets using #cokeoldnavy. This way tens of thousands of positive impressions were generated not only on the street but also via social media.

Underground Organization Invades Comic-Con 2013

When crazy meets creative there is no telling what might happen. This was brilliantly demonstrated by 2 talented improv actors outside of the 2013 Comic-Con in San Diego, CA. The campaign to promote the new novel LEXICON, by Max Barry kicked off on Friday, July 19th. For three days the two costumed actors engaged convention-goers with their suspicious behavior, which included odd questionnaires and tasks such as shouting voodoo words and strange commands at passersby. Once Comic-Con visitors learned that the strange encounter was about a book, many expressed a keen interest in the new novel about a secret global organization which selects and trains their new recruits using the hidden power of language to manipulate those around them. The actors also handed out postcards advertising the new release and created thousands of impressions each day.

Bubble Soccer Events Create a Splash in NYC and Miami

GoGORILLA Media got their bubble soccer game on this summer to promote the International Champions Cup, a live tournament with the world’s most successful soccer teams playing in six U.S. cities and one European city from July 27th – August 7th. A huge permitted event with a large soccer field kicked off the promotional events in Times Square. The street team also entertained New Yorkers with bubble soccer games in Bryant Park, Madison Square Park, Chelsea Soccer Fields and Washington Square.

Krispy Kreme Conquers New York

GoGORILLA Media and Krispy Kreme took over Herald Square with a large permitted event during National Donut Day on Friday, June 7th, 2013. The day kicked off at 6:00am outside the Fox and Friends morning concert with street teams passing out hot donuts and a graffiti artist creating custom graffiti hats for spectators and even the Fox news anchors. After the taping, the team moved to Herald Square where they were joined by two additional graffiti artists to design custom hats and to help children decorate their own hats with stamps, stickers, markers and glitter while parents anxiously waited for the final product. The free donuts fresh, hot off a branded food truck stationed in the square were a huge hit and passersby were eager to stop and watch their donut be prepared on the truck by the Krispy Kreme crew.