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These Ads Go Great On Cleavage

Advertising on hanger covers may not be new, but GoGORILLA is reinventing the medium with full color ads and ample space to get creative with your ad.  They can be used for any brand and can target consumers by zip code and household income specifically. GoGORILLA can reach dry cleaners nationwide, which makes hanger covers ideal not only for local but also for national promotions. Imagine the massive impact a clever creative can have for your brand once people share pictures of it on social media sites. Encourage consumers to share photos of themselves holding up the hanger cover against their chest for a chance to win a prize or simply because they loved your idea enough to share it with the world. Include hashtags and calls to action to maximize exposure for your ads. By incorporating cut-out coupons into your ads, you can make your campaign trackable and generate online and in-store sales.

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