Out of Home Media

Out of home media is a way of reaching customers when they are not at home, watching TV or reading that newspaper or magazine. Out of home media usually works best in high traffic locations throughout cities. Street posters are one of the most popular forms of out of home media because they target the consumer at eye-level while they are walking down the street. Posters have become a major form of out of home media and are widely recognized as part of pop culture. Whether you are a pedestrian or driving down the busy city streets, it will work for you because it brings your campaign into neighborhood where your demographic resides.

Out of home media is a catchall phrase used to differentiate traditional, “in-home” advertising media from advertising that reaches consumers when they are on the go. The best definition of out of home media is all the advertising that is not on television, the radio, in magazines and newspapers or on the Internet. And while out of home advertising is an innovative field with creative new advertising media being invented all the time, the category includes

  • billboards
  • transit advertising
  • stadium and sports marketing
  • in-store and retail advertising
  • street teams
  • taxicab ads
  • digital signage
  • narrowcasting
  • wrapped vehicles
  • cell phone marketing
  • videogame advertising
  • health club advertising
  • resort advertising/sampling
  • cruise ship advertising
  • and much, much more.

For advertisers, the benefit of out of home advertising is placing their marketing message in the right context or in other words; bringing the people what they want and when they want it. Finding consumers when they are about to make a purchase or shopping for a particular product is a far more valuable impression. Mass media, like television and print, cast an extremely wide net, but out of home media targets consumers by finding them in the right context. Expect higher response rates and stronger impressions when you use out of home media.
Almost everything GoGORILLA does is out of home advertising. The company strongly believes in reaching the consumers in meaningful ways and rising above the advertising clutter. With over 90 out of home advertising media to choose from in its repertoire, GoGORILLA has the right advertising for the right consumer at the right time and place!

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