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Advertising on Money and Sidewalk Advertising - Spike Plugs New Shows

Advertising on Money and Sidewalk Advertising - Killpoint and Murder the Subject of GoMONEY and WaterStencil Campaign

The goal of this campaign was to spread the word about two new shows airing on Spike TV in July through Money Advertising and Sidewalk Advertising. This was achieved through a combination of branded GoMONEY dollar bills for Spike TV’s new show “Killpoint” and our patent-pending WaterStencil promotion on New York City sidewalks for “Murder.”

GoMONEY advertising “Killpoint” was distributed to twelve bars, clubs and lounges frequented by males in New York City and Los Angeles to use as change in their cash registers. Venues and patrons alike were excited to play a part in this unique campaign and to start the circulation of Spike TV’s GoMONEY. WaterStencils were put down in over 20 locations around New York targeting a young, tuned-in demographic. Spike’s chalk-outline stencil turned many heads and generated tons of interest in the show.

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    […] concept of the Waterstencilâ„¢ in 2007 and tested it with two daring advertisers, Kenneth Cole and Spike TV. The results were outstanding. This type of sidewalk advertising uses only water, a high-pressured […]

  2. African mango plus Says:

    “go to“…

    “Try putting them within the footer’s background image. Sure, it isn’t foolproof - but it does deter a fair amount of people from removing it.”…

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