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Interactive Video Truck Collects Donations To Build Green Homes

What would you do with 30% energy savings?¬† Schneider Electric posed this question in Washington DC and Dallas, TX with an interactive video truck, encouraging passersby to text or tweet their answers to be displayed on the truck’s screen. With each response, Schneider Electric donated $1 to Habitat for Humanity to help build green, energy-efficient homes for those in need. While the responses ranged from humorous to serious, many consumers were inspired by Schneider’s charitable effort and opted to use the money to help others¬† in their community.

In addition to the video trucks, GoMONEY, a unique marketing strategy using branded dollar bills, was deployed to create awareness for Schneider Electric’s campaign. Targeting venues along the video truck routes, 10,000 branded dollar bills were placed into circulation in each market at venues such as food trucks, restaurants, bars, and cafes. A decal was affixed in the center of the bills with the words, “Xperience Efficiency 2013.”

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