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August 7, 2009

New Sidewalk Advertising Ideas - Eyecatching, Green, and Memorable

Sidewalk Advertising Reaches Millions

Each day millions of people walk down city sidewalks on their way to jobs and shopping. GoGORILLA can help you utilize those streets with reverse graffiti to send powerful guerilla marketing messages to promote any product or service. We have over ten years of experience in sidewalk advertising and have developed green graffiti techniques such as the WaterStencil™ or Sidewalk and Building Projection advertising that can reach customers on the streets without damaging the environment. Many of these out of home advertising methods can be used in combination with other actions, including street teams and brand ambassadors.

Why Sidewalk Advertising Is So Effective

GoGORILLA offers a variety of alternative advertising techniques that can be used in business districts, nightlife areas, and even during special events. We can craft guerrilla marketing campaigns that are creative, imaginative, and highly successful. GoSIDEWALK are guerilla marketing campaigns that GoGORILLA uses to promote products and services via streets and sidewalks. For example, street teams can pressure-wash reverse graffiti directly on the sidewalk surface, emphasizing clear and concise messages that catch the viewer by surprise. They concentrate on strategic locations within the top markets in order to reach the desired audience. The GoSIDEWALK alternative advertising messages have an immediate effect on consumers and work their way into the consciousness of people who view them on the street. This is guerrilla marketing at its finest: Fun, clever, and totally unpredictable.

So Many Stencil Types to Chose From

GoGORILLA uses a variety of methods in GoSIDEWALK campaigns, chalk messages, water stencils, sidewalk vinyls, sidewalk projections, murals, graffiti paste ups and more. This ensures that these out of home advertising methods are effective while remaining clean graffiti. Biodegradable chalk spray will last for thousands of impressions in each location before it wears away. We can also create chalk stencils in multi-color or with a glitter effect to fit the style of your brand and logo. Examples of unique chalk stencils are the Ke$ha glitter stencils and the Hertz Connect 2-color stencils. Sidewalk Advertising is often used in guerilla marketing campaigns to promote urban brands and new movie and album releases, but it is ideal for any brand that wants to reach commuters on the streets and leave a long-lasting message at a low cost.

Green And Clean - A New Age Of Advertising

The WaterStencil™ is a revolutionary technique that uses power washing to add a clean graffiti or a brand logo to a street or sidewalk by cleaning the design into the grimy surface. This unique out of home advertising technique adds no material or product to the surface, it merely adds the logo or message through power washing. This makes it a completely clean and unobjectionable alternative advertising form. WaterStencil™ has been successfully used to promote movies and market products such as clothing apparel in major markets.

Sidewalk Projections Light Up Consumer’s Paths

GoGORILLA also uses projection advertising in guerrilla marketing campaigns. This technology projects images onto buildings, walls and sidewalks. It can be used in moving vehicles, so that the image appears to be alive and moving through the city streets. This is a great way to catch the urban dweller off guard and make a truly memorable impression. They will be intrigued by the display and remember to tell their friends and family, write about it on their blog, put a video of it on Youtube or write a post on Facebook or Twitter. Many fun guerrilla marketing campaigns go viral thanks to their originality and the thousands of impressions they get on city streets.

March 16, 2008

Mural, Mural, On The Wall

GoMURALS Make Pedestrians Stop In Their Tracks

GoGORILLA Media’s advertising murals are a great way to add an aesthetic touch to promoting your marketing campaigns. They are very unconventional as they employ artists to paint company logos instead of printing out copies of their printed advertisements in bulk. Company messages are spray-painted over walls in the city. Different colors used by artists can convey a long lasting image in the minds of the viewer. These act in a way similar to any other forms of artistic painting, which are looked at in awe. For instance if you were walking down the street and saw a bright spray painting on a wall, wouldn’t you stand and look at it for a while? Creative forms of any art tend to draw attention.

Each Mural is a Unique Piece of Art

This type of urban graffiti sets itself apart from GoGORILLA Media’s other sidewalk advertising through its artistic execution. Companies can instruct GoGORILLA’s artists on their exact needs. They can buy the rights of some of their works and tell them to portray their company information around it. Artists are usually open to new ideas and can prepare a unique design directed towards what the company is about. Location is an important factor when choosing advertising murals to promote your business. Buying some wall space in a remote part of the city where nobody ever goes and having it painted would not make sense. GoGORILLA will scout a high-traffic location in which the desired demographic can be reached. This could be a nightlife or business district, a shopping area, or locations in vicinity to schools and colleges.

Wall Murals Generate Thousands of Impressions

Mural designs on walls tend to become conversation starters in the locality around it, which will bring in customers as the information spreads by word-of-mouth. Even as the mural is being painted, the ad will get thousands of impressions from passersby stopping to watch the painting process. Artists can incorporate facts from the environment around which the Mural is being painted. This would let the mural blend in and adapt to the neighborhood surroundings, which will be appreciated by many residents of the area.

What Types of Businesses Do Murals Work For?

Wall murals can help in advertising all kinds of businesses. Urban and young brands such as sneaker, soda and gaming companies already include murals in their marketing mix.  But the wall art can work for any brand looking to do something outside the box. Newly launched restaurants, hotels, bars and retail stores can benefit from mural advertising, which can lead consumers directly to them. When buying multiple walls to have your advertising murals placed, it is important to remember that they are paintings and not posters. Therefore, getting creative and having different designs painted is not only possible, but encouraged by our artists.

Placement and Size of Murals

Advertising murals have been effectively used in big cities like San Francisco, New York and Miami, but GoGORILLA can bring this artistic form of advertising to any market, large or small.  GoMURALS are typically sized about 10′ x 10′ on street-level, but can be much bigger on request. Other than a Wall Projections, advertising graffiti on walls stays in place for at least one month and is visible day and night.

January 2, 2007

Mural Advertising - Custom GoMURALS Amaze

An Unforgettable Sight for Nickelodeon

In order to promote Nickelodeon’s “Avatar” animated film we coordinated a custom mural by some of the best outdoor artists in the country. Working from the client-supplied creative, our artists were able to amaze passersby with a beautifully-executed, vibrant mural in a very high-traffic area near Central Park in New York City. The mural was completed for the DVD realease and made thousands of New Yorkers aware!

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