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December 15, 2013

Old Navy Gives Away 1 Million Dollars To Lucky Shopper

What better way to ring in the holiday spirit than giving one lucky shopper $1 Million dollars on Black Friday? Using one of GoGORILLA Media’s most unique strategies, advertising on dollar bills, Old Navy successfully raised awareness for their huge giveaway. For the Old Navy GoMONEY effort, GoGORILLA put into circulation a total of 210,000 $1 bills, each bill featuring a circular sticker advertising the sweepstakes with the abbreviated sweepstakes rules on the back. The bills could be found in15 major market across the United States including Phoenix, Miami, Seattle, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, New York, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC and San Francisco. The GoMONEY was distributed to a variety of venue types including cafés, food trucks, ice cream shops, restaurants and of course Old Navy’s. Venues were thrilled to participate in the program and to give their customers the opportunity to become a millionaire. Patrons who received the branded dollar bills had lots of positive feedback and loved the clever marketing tactic. Many shoppers vowed to try to be among the first 500 in line at Old Navy on Thanksgiving Day at 7:00pm to have a chance to win the big prize. Hundreds of thousands of impressions were generated throughout the 15 markets and noteworthy buzz could be found on several social media outlets.

June 25, 2013

Interactive Video Truck Collects Donations To Build Green Homes

What would you do with 30% energy savings?  Schneider Electric posed this question in Washington DC and Dallas, TX with an interactive video truck, encouraging passersby to text or tweet their answers to be displayed on the truck’s screen. With each response, Schneider Electric donated $1 to Habitat for Humanity to help build green, energy-efficient homes for those in need. While the responses ranged from humorous to serious, many consumers were inspired by Schneider’s charitable effort and opted to use the money to help others  in their community.

In addition to the video trucks, GoMONEY, a unique marketing strategy using branded dollar bills, was deployed to create awareness for Schneider Electric’s campaign. Targeting venues along the video truck routes, 10,000 branded dollar bills were placed into circulation in each market at venues such as food trucks, restaurants, bars, and cafes. A decal was affixed in the center of the bills with the words, “Xperience Efficiency 2013.”

February 28, 2013

Advertising That’s Right On The Money

GoGORILLA Media presents an advertising medium that is still largely untouched, but visible to consumers everyday - money! Our GoMONEY campaigns have proven to be an effective tactic for dozens of our clients from banks to TV Networks to pharmacies. National Geographic Channel took GoMONEY to a whole new level to promote the release of their docudrama, “Killing Lincoln,” which premiered on February 17th, 2013. While a typical GoMONEY campaign uses $1 bills, National Geographic opted to use $5 bills featuring a small, removable decal covering Abraham Lincoln at the center of the bill. The decal blended in seamlessly with the Lincoln image on the $5 bills. Two weeks prior to the premiere, $40,000 worth of the branded fives began circulating throughout the busiest neighborhoods of Manhattan. To get the bills into circulation and hence into the hands of New Yorkers, GoGORILLA distributed $1,000 worth of fives to 40 cash-heavy venues including food trucks, cabs, delis, restaurants and bars. And the circulation didn’t stop there. Once consumers used the fives to pay at other venues in other neighborhoods, the money was transferred to someone else to generate additional impressions. The “Killing Lincoln” GoMONEY campaign was an instant conversation starter and created a great deal of buzz for the docudrama’s premiere.

May 28, 2010

GoMONEY - CVS Peel-Off Coupons on Dollar Bills

GoGORILLA took branding on dollar bills to a new stratosphere for CVS Pharmacy with a double layer, peel-off coupon that featured a redeemable bar code. Each multi-layer sticker offered “$5 off any purchase of $20 or more” to lucky recipients at 60 venues around the San Francisco Bay area. The campaign kicked off during Fleet Week at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf and will continue throughout the holiday season as the bills continue to circulate with bottom layer branding. The 60,000 branded bills that were placed into the market will help drive consumers to CVS pharmacies, where they can discover smarter ways to save.

May 28, 2010

GoMONEY - Chicago Gets Adorned ‘On Us’

The New Patcraft & Design Weave Hit Up Chicago’s Merchandise Mart

In promotion of The New Patcraft & Design Weave commercial carpet company, GoMONEY was distributed in venues all over Chicago’s Merchandise Mart; Starbucks and McDonald’s among them. Each GoMONEY sticker was unique in color and featured such quotes as: ‘Money Circulates On Us,’ ‘Cash Flows on Us,’ and ‘Change Happens on Us,’ just to name a few. Both venue owners and employees were just as excited as their patrons to receive the adorned GoMONEY in their change!

July 28, 2009

GoMONEY - Branded Dollar Bills Come to Ft. Wayne

The Fifth Third Bank Offers Patrons the Opportunity to Get More Bucks

In promotion of the Fifth Third Bank, GoMONEY bills were distributed to venues all over the city of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Coffee shops, bars, restaurants and even a minor league baseball stadium were the receivers of the one-dollar bill bearing the sticker advertisement for the bank. Patrons at every establishment were excited to learn about how they could change their branded dollar bill into a 100 bucks!

February 28, 2009

GoMONEY – AHF Pharmacy Spreads Awareness

West Hollywood Gets the Message About Responsibility in the Form GoMONEY

In celebration and promotion of the opening of the new non-profit AHF Pharmacy on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, dollar bills adorning GoMONEY stickers were handed out to gay bars. Believing in responsibility and awareness, 96 cents of each prescription dollar goes to the ‘care and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS.’ The new pharmacy offers experienced HIV/AIDS counseling, as well as free HIV testing. Patrons of the bars received the GoMONEY in their change and the positive word was spread.

February 28, 2008

Advertising on Money and Sidewalk Advertising - Spike Plugs New Shows

Advertising on Money and Sidewalk Advertising - Killpoint and Murder the Subject of GoMONEY and WaterStencil Campaign

The goal of this campaign was to spread the word about two new shows airing on Spike TV in July through Money Advertising and Sidewalk Advertising. This was achieved through a combination of branded GoMONEY dollar bills for Spike TV’s new show “Killpoint” and our patent-pending WaterStencil promotion on New York City sidewalks for “Murder.”

GoMONEY advertising “Killpoint” was distributed to twelve bars, clubs and lounges frequented by males in New York City and Los Angeles to use as change in their cash registers. Venues and patrons alike were excited to play a part in this unique campaign and to start the circulation of Spike TV’s GoMONEY. WaterStencils were put down in over 20 locations around New York targeting a young, tuned-in demographic. Spike’s chalk-outline stencil turned many heads and generated tons of interest in the show.

February 28, 2005

Cash Traffic

USA Network an Early Adopter of GoMONEY

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