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February 12, 2013

Tommy Bahama Spreads Island Vibes

Manhattan was reset to “Island Time” this winter when Tommy Bahama treated New Yorkers to complimentary blackened fish tacos served from a custom branded food truck.  The campaign’s goal was to create excitement around the new Tommy Bahama “Manhattan Island” restaurant, bar and store opening.  Businesses close to the new restaurant location received special invitations to visit the food truck and to sample the signature fish tacos, which were prepared directly on the truck. The restaurant’s chef was on-site to share the recipe and cooking tips with consumers. Over the course of the five day promotion, GoMODELs collected email addresses on iPads, distributed coupons for free appetizers and desserts, and directed thousands of passersby to the new restaurant location. Each day the response from residents and tourist alike was overwhelming, with long lines forming in front of the truck, people chanting their elation for the tacos, and 1,000 tacos served within the first 4 hours. The treat was a welcome surprise to all in the fast paced hustle and bustle of New York City, and for a few minutes each day, people were transported to a tropical destination.

December 19, 2012

Using Guerrilla Marketing To Help Hurricane Victims

A one-of-a-kind Perry Ellis “Merry Perry” food truck spread some holiday cheer among New Yorkers this holiday season. The custom branded truck was stationed in the Meatpacking district right opposite of the Maritime hotel.  The truck team distributed 1,000 cups of complimentary hot cocoa and collected donations in partnership with New York Cares to help raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims. Residents who donated $10 or more using the iPads on site received Perry Ellis accessories (ties, socks or bow ties) as a thank you gift for their contribution. Tying into the “Merry Perry” social media campaign, consumers were encouraged to check-in to the food truck on facebook, upload a photo to instagram, or use the #MerryPerry hashtag on twitter.  The feedback from NYC residents was more overwhelmingly positive and many were excited to help fellow residents by donating on the spot.  To drive traffic to the event, the food truck was supported by video projections on various walls in the neighborhood, including the facade of the Maritime hotel. 

November 9, 2012

Dancing Flashmob Takes Over NJ Malls

Shoppers at two NJ malls were taken by surprise this September when an all-male dance flashmob assembled out of nowhere to perform a jaw-dropping, choreographed routine to music that made everyone want to be a part of the scene.  As the well known tunes of “Singing in the Rain” started filling the air, the dancers shuffled into position to perform a dance routine using umbrellas and wearing fitting costumes with white collared button down shirts, suspenders, fedora hats, and bow ties. Within less than a minute, a large crowd gathered around the dancers, many taking videos and pictures of the dance. The music was a compilation of upbeat funky music including hits by Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz, which the audience loved as they clapped and grooved along. The energy & enthusiasm was contagious and the crowd cheered on our dancers as they performed back flips and other jaw-dropping stunts.  The campaign helped showcase Century 21’s newly designed men’s departments.

July 10, 2012

Girls, Feel Your Boobies!

GoGORILLA helped in the fight against breast cancer by organizing a pro-bono flash mob event for the Feel Your Boobies Foundation in New York City this spring. Stationed on the north end of Union Square, GoMODELs and volunteers connected hundreds of bras to form one of the longest bra chains in history and encouraged bystanders to participate in wrapping the bra chain around Union Square Park. Stretching over 2,100 feet, the bra chain successfully increased breast cancer awareness among New York City residents and was featured on Bloomberg TV and many other media outlets.  Leading up to the event, GoGORILLA reached out to women across the country in a targeted social media campaign, asking them to come to the event and to donate their bras.  As a result, we collected almost 700 bras on-site and in the mail from women all over the United States who wanted to help the cause.  Women were able to dedicate the bras to a loved-one affected by breast cancer by writing their names on a pink ribbon and attaching it to the bra.  All bras were donated to charity following the event.

Each year nearly 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 5% of them are under the age of 40. Knowing your body (feeling your boobies) is one of the primary ways that breast lumps or other changes can be detected. Since mammograms generally are not recommended to screen for breast cancer until the age of 40, breast awareness is sometimes their only line of defense in finding a lump early.  Find out more at feelyourboobies.com.

June 15, 2012

Big Red Ice Cream Truck Brings Pure Joy to Queens Residents

For two consecutive days the K&G Fashion Superstore’s big red ice cream truck hit the streets of Queens to promote the newest store opening at Jamaica Center. The food truck caused a great deal of buzz with hundreds of local shoppers & residents standing  in line to receive a free scoop of Häagen-Dazs ice cream compliments of K&G. The delicious flavors offered included Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip and Coconut Pineapple. Consumers had a chance to get 10% off their next purchase at K&G by texting the word “CHILL” to a code advertised on the truck itself and by the GoMODELS who helped spread the word to everyone in the area. The campaign was a huge success as it generated a vast amount of press and got locals excited about the new store opening in their neighborhood.

June 6, 2012

Ripped Fallen Angels Promote Book Release at Expo

It can’t get any hotter than this.  Two ripped GoMODELs dressed in nothing but jeans and dark angel wings seduced visitors to check out Simon and Schuster’s newest release of the “Hush Hush” series at the Book Expo America. Portraying fallen angel characters from the book, the hot studs charmed convention-goers with their smiles and handed out bookmarks and flyers with more information about the novel. The GoMODELs got a ton of attention from both expo visitors and press at New York City’s Jacob Javits Center.  Many visitors stopped to chat with the fallen angels who readily posed for pictures with fans.

April 19, 2012

Rocking the Wet T-Shirt Contest

Panama City Beach and Daytona Beach were invaded by teams of GoMODELs this spring break, armed with tons of free swag to promote the bands Stellar Revival, Pink Floyd and Katy Perry.  As if the bands weren’t popular enough, the teams gave out branded chap sticks, bottle openers, t-shirts, buttons, postcards, posters and a Stellar Revival CD to make sure they would be everyone’s favorite during Spring Break and beyond. The Daytona Wet T-shirt contest rocked to the the Stellar Revival CD and some contestants wore the promotional T-Shirts for the contest, which meant even more exposure for Stellar Revival.

April 10, 2012

Street Team Creates Excitement For The New York Auto Show

To promote the New York International Auto Show this April, GoGORILLA Media dispatched an enthusiastic team of 4 GoMODELS to engage consumers in New York City. Attracted by free hot dogs and a luxury car on display, pedestrians were receptive to receiving more information about the Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center. While consumers were queuing up for free hot dogs, the team had ample time to chat with them and to get them excited about the show. The team also handed out fliers with a $2 discount on tickets. Thanks to an exciting concept and professional execution, the promotion successfully generated hundreds of lasting impressions and tons of buzz among automobile fans in New York City.

February 6, 2012

Food Truck Treats Media Buyers and Planners To Free Cupcakes

NCC Media brightened the day for media buyers and planners around Manhattan with free Sprinkles cupcakes served from a food truck outside their offices. Over the course of five days from, the food truck team distributed 2,800 cupcakes in four delicious flavors to media staff in return for a coupon they had received from NCC. The cupcakes were topped with the NCC logo as well as the icon for I+, a new service NCC provides to reach television audiences more effectively. The food truck promotion created a memorable brand experience and huge buzz for NCC among agency professionals.

December 23, 2011

GoGorilla Media’s 2011 Video Reel

GoGorilla Media had lots of fun planning and executing these and many other exciting campaigns.  From branded food trucks to hot exotic dancers in a glass truck, this year’s campaigns made people across the country happy and created many memorable brand experiences.  Social media played a huge role in most of these guerrilla marketing tactics.  To drive traffic to events, GoGorilla promoted them through a large variety of social media outlets.  QR codes were used to engage smart phone users and to give interested consumers access to more information on the spot.

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