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June 12, 2008

Corporate Event – GoICECREAM Makes Corporate America Smile

A&E Grabs Attention with Free Ice Cream

Nothing makes a summer day quite like ice cream…and when that ice cream is free and delivered to your office midday, well, it just doesn’t get much better! In promotion of all the great programming at AETN, GoICECREAM made stops at lucky advertising agencies in New York City. Media buyers and planners were thrilled to get the sweet treat from the branded ice cream cart located right in their building; and the branded cups and napkins got people talking about their favorite A&E shows.

May 12, 2008

Street Teams - Wall Street Journal Shows Citi Group Some Love

New York City Citi Group Employees Wake Up to Free Wall Street Journals

On May 12th, GoMODELS handed out complimentary Wall Street Journals to Citi Group employees on their way in to work. The papers were decked out in colorful red wrappers, and were definitely the right way to start off the rainy day for the dedicated Citi Group employees!

May 5, 2008

In-Office Events: Treat Your Clients and Drive Sales

How to Spice Up Presentations and Client Meetings

‘In Office promotions’ are a great way for advertisers to inform their clients about new services or simply to remind them that they are valued clients. During the TV Upfronts each year in May, TV Networks take advantage of GoGORILLA’s In-Agency promotions and treat media buyers and/or planners to snacks while presenting their newest programming. GoGORILLA Media has over 10 years experience in getting their clients promotions into ad agencies and has built relationships with agency staff to organize unique events.


A well-established relationship between the advertising vendors and agencies helps a lot when it comes to setting up timings for such promotions. Once dates are finalized, invitations are sent out to the employees. This is usually done around a week before representatives from the advertising company come for a visit. One of the factors which decides whether the promotion will succeed or not, is the way it is executed. GoGORILLA custom brands coffee, bar, or ice cream carts and can create a custom event for any advertiser.

Making A Splash With a Custom Event

GoGORILLA uses different techniques of in-office promotions to match the brand identity and campaign goals. For ReelzChannel, a TV network all about movies, GoGORILLA set up a concession stand inside agencies to recreate a movie theater atmosphere. GoMODELS dressed as concession stand clerks offered free popcorn, snacks, and sodas to media buyers. Fine Living Network provided free massages along with scented candles branded by GoGORILLA. Websites such as Yahoo have also promoted their ad sales by giving away free ice cream from a branded ice cream cart.

Anything Goes 

GoGORILLA can bring in Sushi Chefs, Wine Connoisseurs for wine tastings, Massage Therapists, Manicurists, Hair Stylists, Gelato, Iced Coffee, Smoothies, Waffles, Tea Time with Scones, Breakfast, Gourmet Coffee Specialties, Boxed Lunches, a Salad Bar, a Concession Stand, Wii Contests, Photo Booths…The possibilites are endless!

How To Track The Event’s Success

We keep track of the number of people to which the freebies were distributed. Keeping a record of the people who come in for free coffee or ice cream can be done by doing raffles for which business cards are collected, which are then used to select the winner. Casual conversations while drinking coffee with clients helps build relationships and drive sales.

Who Can Benefit from In-Office Events?

Examples of major industries who could benefit from advertising their services in such promotional campaigns include magazines, websites, Internet providers, cable TV providers, newspapers, and gyms. However, GoGORILLA’s In-Office promotions are a great option for any business looking to treat their client or their employees to something special.

November 12, 2007

Corporate Advertising - Spa in the Newsroom

GoGORILLA Brings Team of Massage Therapists to CNN

On November 12th the employees at 1 CNN Plaza in Atlanta were treated to free massages courtesy of CNN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade. This event featured 10 massage therapists from the Atlanta area who worked their “magic” on 280 CNN employees. Employees would rise from the chairs “feeling like a new person.” This exiciting event generated buzz around the building, which contributed to the contstant flow of people on line waiting to get massages. CNN’s GoMASSAGE event was a tremendous success and we received numerous requests for a repeat visit.

September 12, 2007

Street Teams - Have a Paper and See Your Ad

Mercer Employees Get Free Wall Street Journals from GoMODELS

The purpose of this GoMODEL campaign was to simultaneously promote the Wall Street Journal as well as Mercer, an advertiser, as part of an added value package. GoMODELS handed out free copies on the 35th floor of Mercer’s 1166 6th Ave. office building in New York, directly in front of the 1166 Café, where employees go to get their morning coffee. GoMODELS informed them of Mercer’s ad, which they were very interested to see.

July 17, 2007

Corporate Advertising - Coffee and Powerbars, Courtesy of HP

Technology Firm Uses GoCAFE to Give Conference-Goers a Break

Hewlett Packard used GoCAFE to target technology conference attendees at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriot in New York.  Surrounded by HP’s witty branding on the GoCAFE cart, GoCUPS, and nearby GoPOSTERS, our team served not only gourmet coffee but also energy-boosting, branded Powerbars to help get people through the day. Both coffee and Power Bars were enormously popular and our staff were repeatedly thanked for the pick-me-up. Their response: “Don’t thank me, thank HP!

June 20, 2007

Corporate Advertising - Stress-FREE

GoGORILLA Rubs Shoulders in Top Agencies

In order to promote the Fine Living Network to top advertising agencies in New York, GoGORILLA arranged for experienced massage therapists to offer complimentary back/neck massages to media buyers in the national broadcast groups of six firms. We set up a simple web page for employees to book appointments, and transformed agency conference rooms into Fine Living with dimmed lights, soft music, Fine Living posters, and scented candles. After each massage employees were offered a glass of water, given a lavender scented candle in a Fine Living Tin, and entered into a raffle. They went away de-stressed and im-pressed.

May 14, 2007

Corporate Advertising with Street Teams and Branded Coffee

Forbes Uses Coffee Jetpaks to Reach Ad Agency Personnel

Forbes Magazine, with the help of GoGORILLA Media, created the “Wake Up And Smell The Capitalism” campaign, targeting 17 advertising agencies in New York City. Employing 6 GoJETPACK street teams, we distributed fresh coffee, pamphlets and colorful campaign pins to ad execs, managers, planners and buyers as they entered and left their office buildings. The campaign put the perfect cap on the Monday morning with such positive feedback as “Thanks for the jump start!”, “What a great start to a Monday morning!”, “I love Capitalism!!” The buzz rapidly spread inside too, with people coming from inside the buildings to get their cup of joe and more information about the Forbes cause.

March 8, 2007

Corporate Advertising - Free Coffee, Biscotti, and Magazines

CFO Targets Financial Firm CIT with GoCAFE

The goal of this campaign was to promote CFO Magazine at two corporate offices of the financial firm CIT. Using our unique GoCAFE program, employees of CIT were treated to a branded gourmet coffee experience. Approximately 600 cups of coffee were served at each branch and people could take a free copy of CFO Magazine from a nearby display, which included an advertisement from CIT.

January 9, 2007

Outside the Box Advertising - Consumers Find USB Drives by Thousands at CES

Microsoft Stages USB Drive Drop at CES Convention in Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a place to see and be seen for tech companies, and none other than Microsoft tapped GoGORILLA for the kind of stealthy campaign we’re known for. By cleverly dropping branded pen drives where convention-goers would find them, Microsoft got a useful premium complete with a presentation into the hands of thousands of people. Target areas included both inside and outside the convention hall, the Vegas monorail, nearby hotels and casino floors as well as phone booths and sidewalks thick with convention foot traffic. The drives were picked up within minutes, and were so popular our distributors had trouble keeping a low profile!

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