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February 12, 2013

Tommy Bahama Spreads Island Vibes

Manhattan was reset to “Island Time” this winter when Tommy Bahama treated New Yorkers to complimentary blackened fish tacos served from a custom branded food truck.  The campaign’s goal was to create excitement around the new Tommy Bahama “Manhattan Island” restaurant, bar and store opening.  Businesses close to the new restaurant location received special invitations to visit the food truck and to sample the signature fish tacos, which were prepared directly on the truck. The restaurant’s chef was on-site to share the recipe and cooking tips with consumers. Over the course of the five day promotion, GoMODELs collected email addresses on iPads, distributed coupons for free appetizers and desserts, and directed thousands of passersby to the new restaurant location. Each day the response from residents and tourist alike was overwhelming, with long lines forming in front of the truck, people chanting their elation for the tacos, and 1,000 tacos served within the first 4 hours. The treat was a welcome surprise to all in the fast paced hustle and bustle of New York City, and for a few minutes each day, people were transported to a tropical destination.

February 6, 2012

Food Truck Treats Media Buyers and Planners To Free Cupcakes

NCC Media brightened the day for media buyers and planners around Manhattan with free Sprinkles cupcakes served from a food truck outside their offices. Over the course of five days from, the food truck team distributed 2,800 cupcakes in four delicious flavors to media staff in return for a coupon they had received from NCC. The cupcakes were topped with the NCC logo as well as the icon for I+, a new service NCC provides to reach television audiences more effectively. The food truck promotion created a memorable brand experience and huge buzz for NCC among agency professionals.

December 23, 2011

GoGorilla Media’s 2011 Video Reel

GoGorilla Media had lots of fun planning and executing these and many other exciting campaigns.  From branded food trucks to hot exotic dancers in a glass truck, this year’s campaigns made people across the country happy and created many memorable brand experiences.  Social media played a huge role in most of these guerrilla marketing tactics.  To drive traffic to events, GoGorilla promoted them through a large variety of social media outlets.  QR codes were used to engage smart phone users and to give interested consumers access to more information on the spot.

August 22, 2011

SiTV Announces Name Change Through In-Agency GoCAFE Promotion

Media planners and buyers were in for a special treat this summer when SiTV surprised them with gift boxes delivered to their desks.  The gift boxes, stuffed with branded goodies such as tumblers and shot glasses, announced SiTV’s name change to NuvoTV and invited agency personnel to join them for a complimentary breakfast at their agency the following day.  GoGORILLA Media set up a branded coffee cart and breakfast tables at OMD, MediaVest, and Mindshare in New York and at Starcom in Chicago. The breakfast featured Latin American delicacies including fruit smoothies, pastries, breakfast burritos,  pancakes with exotic fruits and gourmet coffee. Employees enjoyed this opportunity to gather with colleagues and were amazed by the extensive selection of delicious treats compliments of NuvoTV. The network showcased NuvoTV’s upcoming programming on TVs set up next to the breakfast and GoMODELS encouraged agency employees to enter a raffle for a chance to win an iPad.

December 10, 2010

Warming Up Morning Show Visitors With Free Hot Chocolate

GoGORILLA Media and fashion brand Andrew Marc had a special surprise for Fox News Morning Show spectators: While the show was shot in an icy setting outside Fox’s headquarter in New York City, six GoMODELS served hot chocolate with marshmallows and custom branded biscotti to the public, a welcome surprise for everyone standing outside in the cold. People stopped by during the show or on their way to work to get hot cocoa in branded cups. Word traveled fast among the spectators and everyone enjoyed the cozy gathering around the branded concession stand. Even without snow, Andrew Marc created a “Winter Wonderland” at its best!

August 30, 2010

Free Massage Anyone? Propel Sponsors Stress Relief

Who can say no to a free massage? With compliments of Propel Fitness Water, four licensed massage therapists made everyone’s day by providing free back and neck massages at the “Blog Her” conference in New York City.  Conference visitors were eager to take a moment to relax from their busy conference schedule.  Word among conference visitors traveled fast.  By Saturday the therapists literally had their hands full, massaging crowds of people who had heard about the Propel event from other conference participants and who wanted to check out for themselves what everyone was talking about.

July 15, 2010

Ad Agency Employees Step Into Passion With Bravo Stencils

Employees at eight advertising agencies in New York City had a colorful commute to work thanks to Bravo TV. GoGORILLA Media executed Bravo’s GoSIDEWALK chalk stencil campaign in April in the early morning hours to catch agency staff during their morning commute. Bravo pushed the limits of guerrilla advertising and greeted agency staff with a huge multi-color message outside their work. GoGORILLA Media placed a total of 57 spray chalk stencils in five different colors outside the ad agencies to get attention from media buyers in the industry. Media buyers and passersby alike stopped in their tracks to read the “passionate” message from Bravo on the sidewalks as they were making their way to work.

April 3, 2009

Reelz Network Rolls Out Red Carpet Inside Ad Agencies

Reelz brought the movie spirit to Ad Agencies in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago with their branded concession stands. Media buyers and planners at the agencies were happily surprised to receive popcorn, candy, and soda as an afternoon snack. The event was a welcome break in their day and a chance to catch up with colleagues who gathered at the Reelz event. The campaign featured a branded concession stand, a popcorn machine with custom popcorn bags, logo cups, and branded candy as well as a red carpet to complete the movie theater experience.

September 1, 2008

GMC Network’s Iced Coffee Event Inside Ad Agencies

Advertisers get chilled by The Gospel Music Channel

The purpose of this campaign was to target media buyers inside of five advertising agencies on behalf of the Gospel Music Channel. This was done through the use of our GoModels serving ice coffee from a branded GoCoffee Cart, with delicious snacks and Gospel Music playing to create a wonderful environment for a much needed break for media buyers. The response was overwhelmingly positive from all those who took advantage of this amazing treat. Many came back for seconds, thirds, fourths and some were counted returning 5 times to the event. All in all, this campaign was a definite success.

June 20, 2008

Microsoft Street Teams Stun Convention Visitors

How Are You Going to Fill In Your Brackets?

For a few weeks in June, Microsoft had GoMODELS in Orlando, San Francisco and Breckenridge asking just that! With enormous white brackets and our brand ambassadors giving away complimentary t-shirts and clings, it was hard for convention-goers in the three cities to not take notice. Curiosity ran high, and the buzz around had people rushing off to the nearest computer to check out the site.

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