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Flower Bouquet Sampling To Promote Flower Sharing App

Fresh, colorful flower bouquets were offered to excited New Yorkers outside of Bryant Park and Grand Central Station during a very busy Friday lunch break. Four GoMODELS and two Team Leaders dressed in creative t-shirts with a QR code on the back. They distributed fresh flower bouquets and 2,000 postcards promoting Fl3ur’s new iPhone app enabling consumers to pick the flowers and create their own bouquet’s right in the palm of their hand, share it on Facebook and get it delivered the same or next day within NYC! The postcards included a bar code to be scanned for a discount of $10 off their first order of flowers. Many people were happy to download the app right on site or tweet about free flowers from Fl3ur to get the elegant bouquets from the GoMODELS! The campaign was a huge success and many people were very interested in redeeming the postcard for a $10 discount. Fl3ur managed to surprise New Yorkers and put a huge smile on their faces, making their Summer Friday even more special!

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