Postcard Advertising

Everyone Loves GoCARD Take-Away Advertising

GoCARDs Are Take-Aways, not Give-Aways!

GoGORILLA Media is a leader in alternative advertising. We use non-traditional media, including sidewalk advertising and guerilla marketing to reach customers at a whole new level. We also use reverse and clean graffiti and street teams to help promote products and services. GoCARDS are one of our successful guerrilla marketing techniques. These free postcards have clever designs and are meant to be taken away by the consumer and shared with others. They are effective out of home advertising as the marketing message is spread to more people.

GoCARDs Go Everywhere

GoCARDS are found in thousands of the most popular meeting places such as restaurants, cafes, bars, bookstores, and health clubs. We are especially popular on college campuses where students pick them up for free and display on dorm boards or send to friends and family. The GoCARD display itself creates a fun experience as people look through the designs and choose their favorites.

 Affordable Advertising With a Widespread Effect

GoCARDS offer many advantages to businesses and advertisers. First, they are unobtrusive and subtle. People are drawn to them and want to collect the various designs and styles. Second, they are an effective manner of alternative advertising. Since they are displayed and shared, they carry the message along to new customers every day. GoCARDS use some of the basic tenets of guerrilla marketing including creativeness and imagination. GoCARDS are an affordable way for even the smallest businesses to market to a wider audience. Small shops and restaurants can use GoCARDS to introduce themselves to new potential customers. We can use street teams to pass out cards during local events. This can be done in conjunction with clean graffiti methods, also called reverse graffiti, to double the impact of the message.

How to Use Postcards as Part of an Advertising Strategy

Larger companies also use GoCARDS for national level and grassroots promotions. GoGORILLA Media can help them put together a guerilla marketing campaign using GoCARDS to launch a new product or strategy. Most campaigns are for three, six, or twelve months, and each month highlights a different strategy or message. Some of the best known and most successful companies have used this alternative advertising form to reach their customers.  Many cultural institutions such as museums, theaters and dance companies use GoCARDS for their out of home advertising. We find that their audience loves to have a memento of their visit and they are also good for guerilla marketing and fundraising promotions. Even educational institutions including elite universities and colleges are using GoCARDS to reach potential students. In addition to having them on display at recruitment events, we can also use street teams of current students to pass them out. Many cultural institutions find GoCARDS the most affordable full color advertising media available on the market.

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