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Dancing Flashmob Takes Over NJ Malls

Shoppers at two NJ malls were taken by surprise this September when an all-male dance flashmob assembled out of nowhere to perform a jaw-dropping, choreographed routine to music that made everyone want to be a part of the scene.  As the well known tunes of “Singing in the Rain” started filling the air, the dancers shuffled into position to perform a dance routine using umbrellas and wearing fitting costumes with white collared button down shirts, suspenders, fedora hats, and bow ties. Within less than a minute, a large crowd gathered around the dancers, many taking videos and pictures of the dance. The music was a compilation of upbeat funky music including hits by Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz, which the audience loved as they clapped and grooved along. The energy & enthusiasm was contagious and the crowd cheered on our dancers as they performed back flips and other jaw-dropping stunts.  The campaign helped showcase Century 21’s newly designed men’s departments.

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