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Advertising That’s Right On The Money

GoGORILLA Media presents an advertising medium that is still largely untouched, but visible to consumers everyday - money! Our GoMONEY campaigns have proven to be an effective tactic for dozens of our clients from banks to TV Networks to pharmacies. National Geographic Channel took GoMONEY to a whole new level to promote the release of their docudrama, “Killing Lincoln,” which premiered on February 17th, 2013. While a typical GoMONEY campaign uses $1 bills, National Geographic opted to use $5 bills featuring a small, removable decal covering Abraham Lincoln at the center of the bill. The decal blended in seamlessly with the Lincoln image on the $5 bills. Two weeks prior to the premiere, $40,000 worth of the branded fives began circulating throughout the busiest neighborhoods of Manhattan. To get the bills into circulation and hence into the hands of New Yorkers, GoGORILLA distributed $1,000 worth of fives to 40 cash-heavy venues including food trucks, cabs, delis, restaurants and bars. And the circulation didn’t stop there. Once consumers used the fives to pay at other venues in other neighborhoods, the money was transferred to someone else to generate additional impressions. The “Killing Lincoln” GoMONEY campaign was an instant conversation starter and created a great deal of buzz for the docudrama’s premiere.

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