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April 2, 2014

GoMODELS Take Europe By Storm

The Atlantic Ocean is no obstacle for GoGORILLA Media. Our multi-lingual team can go wherever our clients need us to go. A recent example is the street team of attractive GoMODELs charming attendees of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this February. Dressed in uniforms with flowy skirts, the girls turned heads and gathered lots of attention for AnchorFree’s new app, which allows people to utilize public Wi-Fi safely while keeping their personal info from being passed on to third parties. All GoMODELS were equipped with their own Wi-Fi unit, which worked flawlessly in Spain and offered free multiple channel Internet access to convention-goers compliments of AnchorFree. The campaign successfully boosted downloads of the app and generated thousands of impressions each day. GoMODELS are just one of many global media option we offer. Contact us today to find out more.

February 20, 2014

Hot Ideas For This Year’s Biggest Events

There may still be snow on the ground, but now is the perfect time to start planning your guerrilla marketing campaigns for spring and summer 2014. Target this year’s biggest festivals and events with marketing tactics that stand out. With our proven alternative marketing strategies, your brand is sure to create a big splash this season. From food trucks with street teams to guerrilla tactics such as projections and sidewalk media, GoGORILLA can deliver your message without spending immense amounts on sponsorship fees.

January 28, 2014

Moving Projection Creates Excitement for 2014 Winter Olympics

Bostonians got a surprise preview of the 2014 Winter Olympics when a giant ice skater suddenly appeared on Boston walls, gliding along buildings in bustling streets and impressing the crowds with pirouettes. For 5 nights in January, the city lit up with a moving projection of a figure skater twirling, leaping and landing, stopping passersby in their tracks to watch and take videos of the breathtaking stunt. The moving video projection was announcing the Boston dates of the “Road to Sochi Tour,” the United States Olympic Committee’s nationwide tour to promote the 2014 Winter Olympics in 13 cities in the US. Boston residents and visitors were encouraged to take to their social media sites and use the hashtag #TeamUSA to help create excitement for the tour and for the US Olympic Team, with many sharing videos of the projection online for the rest of the world to see.

December 23, 2013

Giant Lost Dogs Announce New Google Helpouts Service

Huge lost dog posters tempted New York and San Francisco residents to tear off tabs and to find out more about the new Google Helpouts.  This brand new Google service connects people who need help with people who can help them via live video hangouts.  GoGORILLA Media placed over 3,000 lost dog posters all over high traffic neighborhoods in both markets this past holiday season. The lost dog medium lent itself perfectly to the advertised services, which include everything from guitar and cooking lessons to I.T. help. The lost dogs came in 3 different sizes from mini to extra large. All posters were outfitted with tear-off tabs for people to take home. GoGORILLA stationed a supervisor with the large sized posters to capture the reaction of passersby. People loved the giant posters and took photos to post on their social media sites, further spreading the word about Google Helpouts. Each poster received thousands of impressions and left consumers excited to try the new service.

December 15, 2013

Old Navy Gives Away 1 Million Dollars To Lucky Shopper

What better way to ring in the holiday spirit than giving one lucky shopper $1 Million dollars on Black Friday? Using one of GoGORILLA Media’s most unique strategies, advertising on dollar bills, Old Navy successfully raised awareness for their huge giveaway. For the Old Navy GoMONEY effort, GoGORILLA put into circulation a total of 210,000 $1 bills, each bill featuring a circular sticker advertising the sweepstakes with the abbreviated sweepstakes rules on the back. The bills could be found in15 major market across the United States including Phoenix, Miami, Seattle, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, New York, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC and San Francisco. The GoMONEY was distributed to a variety of venue types including cafés, food trucks, ice cream shops, restaurants and of course Old Navy’s. Venues were thrilled to participate in the program and to give their customers the opportunity to become a millionaire. Patrons who received the branded dollar bills had lots of positive feedback and loved the clever marketing tactic. Many shoppers vowed to try to be among the first 500 in line at Old Navy on Thanksgiving Day at 7:00pm to have a chance to win the big prize. Hundreds of thousands of impressions were generated throughout the 15 markets and noteworthy buzz could be found on several social media outlets.

November 29, 2013

Coca-Cola Gives Back on Thanksgiving Day

Coca-Cola and Old Navy partnered up to spread holiday cheer this past Thanksgiving by handing out free Coke samples to shoppers. Events took place outside of Old Navy Stores across the country, including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. The GoGORILLA sampling teams reached thousands of shoppers who came out on Turkey Day to take advantage of early Black Friday deals. The teams were also outfitted with iPads that included a special photo app, allowing them to take photos of consumers with a branded Coca-Cola and Old Navy photo frame. Shoppers were asked to enter their email address in order to receive the photo via email and to share the photo on their social media outlets using #cokeoldnavy.  This way tens of thousands of positive impressions were generated not only on the street but also via social media.

October 31, 2013

What The French Fry?

“WTFF?” is what pedestrians in NYC, Chicago and LA thought when they saw hash tags with the same letters stenciled onto sidewalks. The stencils were part of a big Burger King stunt to promote their new lower-calorie french fries. GoGORILLA Media set out and placed a total of 241 bright yellow chalk stencils as well as 80 Waterstencils™ in an effort to capture the attention of passersby on the busiest streets and neighborhoods. Intrigued to find out what #WTFF stands for, consumers posted photos of the stencils with the hash tag on social media sites and eventually found out that Burger King’s message “What The French Fry” advertised their new low-calorie fries. Hence this creative campaign resulted in thousands of impressions per day on the streets and online.

October 16, 2013

These Ads Go Great On Cleavage

Advertising on hanger covers may not be new, but GoGORILLA is reinventing the medium with full color ads and ample space to get creative with your ad.  They can be used for any brand and can target consumers by zip code and household income specifically. GoGORILLA can reach dry cleaners nationwide, which makes hanger covers ideal not only for local but also for national promotions. Imagine the massive impact a clever creative can have for your brand once people share pictures of it on social media sites. Encourage consumers to share photos of themselves holding up the hanger cover against their chest for a chance to win a prize or simply because they loved your idea enough to share it with the world. Include hashtags and calls to action to maximize exposure for your ads. By incorporating cut-out coupons into your ads, you can make your campaign trackable and generate online and in-store sales.

September 4, 2013

Underground Organization Invades Comic-Con 2013

When crazy meets creative there is no telling what might happen. This was brilliantly demonstrated by 2 talented improv actors outside of the 2013 Comic-Con in San Diego, CA. The campaign to promote the new novel LEXICON, by Max Barry kicked off on Friday, July 19th. For three days the two costumed actors engaged convention-goers with their suspicious behavior, which included odd questionnaires and tasks such as shouting voodoo words and strange commands at passersby. Once Comic-Con visitors learned that the strange encounter was about a book, many expressed a keen interest in the new novel about a secret global organization which selects and trains their new recruits using the hidden power of language to manipulate those around them. The actors also handed out postcards advertising the new release and created thousands of impressions each day.

August 7, 2013

Bubble Soccer Events Create a Splash in NYC and Miami

GoGORILLA Media got their bubble soccer game on this summer to promote the International Champions Cup, a live tournament with the world’s most successful soccer teams playing in six U.S. cities and one European city from July 27th - August 7th. A huge permitted event with a large soccer field kicked off the promotional events in Times Square. The street team also entertained New Yorkers with bubble soccer games in Bryant Park, Madison Square Park, Chelsea Soccer Fields and Washington Square.  Onlookers laughed and gasped at the action packed games with the players bouncing off each other and falling over in their inflatable bubble suits.  Soccer fans in Florida got to experience the bubble soccer games in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach and Bayfront Park.  The street teams also distributed postcards with ticket information for the live games. This guerilla marketing stunt received tons of attention and spectators were eager to share photos and videos of the bubble soccer games on their social media sites for even more exposure.

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